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Simplicity, 100
Clarity, 100
Cultural awareness, 100

Simplicity, clarity and cultural awareness are the most important elements to an effective branding & marketing strategy. We create, expand, revamp and polish brands with passion. Our ultimate goal is to simplify the message to make it accessible

and understandable by all. We work and live surrounded by nature while remaining close to city centres such as Ottawa and Montreal. We are mobile and accessible; and adapt to our clients’ needs from different corners of the world.

Growth is a quantitative accumulation. Development is the liberation of creative possibilities. Every living system in nature grows up to a certain point and stops growing. You are not growing anymore, nor he nor me. But we continue developing ourselves. Otherwise we wouldn’t be dialoguing here now. Development has no limits. Growth has limits.

Manfred Max-Neef

Our mission is to focus on development. We help our clients achieve their goals with flexibility and innovation by design, everything is done with honesty and dedication.
Our marketing and design strategies are based on transparency and trust. We work with our clients towards continuous learning and improvement, and promote open collaboration.
A sustainable design strategy, all elements are considered in order to achieve the best results. We consider social, cultural and global impact during the entire process.

Anne LaBoissonniere
Marketing Strategy
Customer Experience

Anne is an experienced digital marketer with over 16 years’ experience working in the digital online space, within and in collaboration with advertising and digital agencies, as a freelancer, account director and business partner. Her experience spans from web, to ecommerce, online marketing to SaaS and CRM sales.

She is also a customer experience consultant, she can map your entire customer journey process and provide recommendations on how to enhance the CX journey for your business.

Pablo Soucy
Creative Director
Brand Strategist

Pablo was born in Santiago in Chile, lived in different countries and grew up with a strong social and political conscience. He studied fine arts as a medium of expressing ideas through aesthetics. He graduated from University giving himself the challenge of making design and art accessible to everyone.

With over 20 years of experience in branding, marketing & graphic design, Pablo created ARBOS, a studio with a name that is easier to communicate in multiple languages. The word “ARBOS” – meaning “tree” – illustrates our values on sustainable and durable marketing solutions.