ARBOS is a design studio that creates, expands, transforms brands with transparency & dedication.

ARBOS values quality, simplicity, clarity and cultural awareness. These are the most important attributes to an effective branding and marketing strategy. A successful brand strategy should always be understandable and accessible by all. Design should be simple, conscious, coherent as well as responsible.

ARBOS is located in Montreal, Canada.

ARBOS Design principles

For 25 years, I’ve been dedicated to branding, marketing and graphic design. I started ARBOS with simplicity and accessibility in mind. The word “ARBOS” – meaning “tree” – illustrates my values on sustainable transformation by providing branding and design solutions that are durable and timeless.

Pablo Soucy - Creative Director / Owner


Integrated Branding

ARBOS creates and develop brands while maintaining their integrity across channels and by keeping their value and purpose intact. ARBOS integrated branding approach ensures that all the materials produced around your brand remain focused and efficient.

ARBOS delivers branding for consumer goods and organizations across the globe. ARBOS can also clean, rejuvenate and revamp older brands. The central purpose is to add value to organizations communications.

Graphic design
Digital media
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